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Maneco Labs Grone Expander

If you've used the Grone Drone and ever wished to have more control with more oscillators, then the Grone Expander is for you. Capable of being used by itself, the centerpiece is a series of four touch-plate-powered oscillators, each with their own individual outputs. Osc 1 & 3 are based on Bytebeat algorithms, while Osc 2 & 4 are digital Wavetables. Just like the original Grone, oscillators 1 & 3 have three different knobs that control the sonic characteristics of each of the 16 algorithms, along with CV inputs for pitch as well as switches that turn on the sound. Oscillators 2 & 4 have only two knobs for controlling the waveforms, but both have an independent LFO and can take external CV input for additional modulation; for their toggling, a gate patch point is present. All of the oscillators can be engaged via the touchplates, making the Grone Expander exceptionally playable.

By default LFOs 1 & 2 are routed to Osc 2 & 4, however, either can be used to modulate the Delay section's Time. The Delay comes at the end of the signal chain, is complete with a set of time/feedback knobs, and can self oscillate. At the final output section there is a Grit level which can add a nice bit of saturation or heavy overdrive and the entire voice has a final Level output. Indeed, the Grone Expander stands strong on its own, but pair it with an original Grone and you have a rich, five-voice texture machine guaranteed to haunt you.

Grone Expander Features

  • 4 Voice drone module
  • Touch plates for activating each voice
  • 2x Grone Drone oscillators
  • 2xWavetable oscillators
  • Individual outputs for each oscillator
  • 2x Multi Waveform LFOs
  • Self-oscillating delay that can be modulated
  • Grit at output
  • Works alone or paired with original Grone Drone
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 36hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 200mA @ +12v
Maneco Labs Grone Expander Synth Voice Reviews