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MalstromWyvern Stereo Saturation Controller


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Malstrom Wyvern

Wyvern from Malstrom Audio is a stereo saturation controller bringing a comprehensive suite of spectral shaping utilities to your Eurorack system. Saturation and drive adds harmonics to processed sounds, which is a great way to bring more of the characteristic color of a sound to the forefront, or even alter its tone into something entirely new. With the addition of filters, phase manipulators, and more, the power of saturation reaches new heights, allowing you to add saturation selectively across the frequency spectrum and control the tone of transients. Wyvern delivers this powerful method of tonal shaping to any stereo signal in your system, from stereo voices to your master mix outputs.

Divided into three stages of spectral shaping potential, the signal path of Wyvern begins with a three-mode filter EQ. With high shelf, low shelf, and bell curve modes, this stage focuses in on a specific frequency band for processing in the subsequent stages. The filter is capable of highly resonant boosts to the target frequency, screaming and squelching at high resonance settings. From here Wyvern adds saturation, with soft clipping, hard clipping, and a unique allpass distortion mode which creates phase shifts while adding harmonic content. A level control and VCA is included to adjust the volume of saturated signals back to useful levels while maintaining their added color. Finally, the post-saturation stage delivers high and low pass filters for balancing frequency content to your taste, along with balance control to mix in the unprocessed signal.

Malstrom's Wyvern is a mythical beast of stereo spectral processing power, with flexible flavor options sure to suit any stereo signal. Smash the saturation for brutalistic drums, add phasing and subtle tone shaping to oscillator voices, or even add the last bit of harmonic sweetness to your master bus. If you are looking for a flexible saturator with tonal options galore, look no further than Wyvern from Malstrom Audio.

Wyvern Features

  • Stereo processor with filter, saturator, phasor, and EQ
  • Filter stage with three modes: low shelf, high shelf, and bell curve
  • At minimum filter gain settings, filters act as low pass, high pass, and notch curves
  • Resonance control capable of self-oscillation at high settings
  • Three flavors of saturation: soft clipping, hard clipping, and allpass distortion
  • Optional boost switch on saturation stage
  • Clip indicator LED for effortlessly setting scale of saturation
  • Level control and VCA adjust volume of saturation stage while preserving added harmonics
  • Post-saturation high pass and lowpass filter combo
  • Dry/wet control
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 165mA @ +12V, 150mA @ -12V
Malstrom Wyvern Stereo Saturation Controller Reviews