MalstromArkan Dual Voltage Polarizer


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Malstrom Arkan

Malstrom's Arkan is a two-channel bipolar VCA that is perfect for modifying control voltage signals and features a curvature parameter that adjusts the shape of the CV in a new way. While it excels at controlling voltage, the Arkan can be used as a unipolar VCA to control audio signals. When using the VCA at audio rates, you can dial in great sounding ring mod sounds and with channel 1 normalized to channel 2, plus the ability to chain multiple units together, rich modulation networks are easily created with minimal input. A built-in bias lets you control the offset for waveshaping and adjust how much of an additional signal gets mixed in or inverted. Grab an Arkan from Malstom and take control of your CV in creative ways.

Arkan Features

  • 2-channel bi-polar VCA
  • Symmetrical signal boost up to 4x for gnarly audio and CV waveshaping
  • Asymmetrical bias waveshaping
  • Invert switch for each input
  • CV Input curvature lets you shape the signal and enhance the 0V attenuation
  • Chain multiple together with rear linking cables
  • Outputs are normalled
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Current draw: 90mA @ +12V, 85mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Overview ARKAN - Dual Voltage Polarizer by Malstrom
A voltage polarizer (also known as a bipolar VCA or a 4-quadrant multiplier) is often viewed as the VCA better suited for CV. What sets Arkan apart from other voltage polarizers is the curvature control, a feature usually only seen in unipolar VCAs. Which provides a new way to shape your audio and CV.

Two identical channels with carefully selected features will make Arkan your go-to modulation control hub. We find Arkan especially useful for common utility duties such as mixing, scaling, inverting and offsetting. As well as CV modulation, feedback patching, and waveshaping. All this makes Arkan a very versatile tool that will certainly have a place in your patch!
Malstrom Arkan Dual Voltage Polarizer Reviews