Malekko Heavy IndustryWolftone Unity Analog Fuzz Pedal


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Malekko Wolftone Unity Analog Fuzz Pedal

The Malekko Heavy Industry Wolftone is an all-analog multi-tap fuzz pedal with a dedicated compression section for maximum flexibility. The Wolftone’s front panel features four controls: Weight, Gain, Skew, and Volume. Each of the first three parameters lends a specific type of gain and distortion to the incoming signal.

In addition to affecting the timbre, each parameter responds to the player’s dynamics in a different way. When combined with the compressor’s three-position Force switch, the Unity becomes an inherently flexible fuzz monster.

Wolftone Features

  • Made with high quality components
  • Weight Switch
  • Weight Knob
  • Gain Knob
  • Skew Knob
  • Volume Knob
  • Distortion/Fuzz from Dark and Crunchy to Bright and Searing
  • Designed by Todd Wolfgram of Wolftone


  • 9v DC adapter (neg tip)
  • Internal 9V battery snap
  • 50mA current draw
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