Malekko Heavy IndustryRichter Anti-Oscillator


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Malekko Heavy Industry Richter Anti-Oscillator

The Malekko Heavy Industry Richter series updates the legendary Wiard 300 series to the realm of Eurorack modular synthesizers. The Richter Anti-Oscillator is a completely analog triangle-core oscillator. In addition to waveshaping capabilities, it features all the ins and outs of a capable oscillator: 1V/Oct in, linear and exponential FM ins, fine and coarse frequency controls, and a triangle output. 

However, as its name suggests, the Anti-Oscillator deviates from traditional oscillator architecture via its unique Mayhem output. Mayhem emits a signal that begins as a square wave and is subsequently malformed into a variety of waveforms that can be manipulated via the dedicated Init Wave control (which is able to be controlled manually or via CV). The overall sound is extremely rich in harmonics and sounds incredible when processed through any filter. 

The Anti-Oscillator is renowned for its characteristically fat sounds and vast FM potential. When paired with the Richter Oscillator, Borg, and Boogie filters, the Anti-Oscillator becomes even more dangerous. 

Richter Anti-Oscillator Features

  • Triangle and Mayhem Outputs
  • Pushbutton for LFO and Audio oscillation modes.
  • 1v/oct CV Input
  • Attenuated CV Input for Linear and Exponential Frequency and Waveshaping
  • Coarse Tune Knob
  • Fine Tune Knob


  • Eurorack Format
  • 14HP Width
  • 25mm Depth
  • +12v: 40mA Current Draw
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