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Malekko Heavy Industry Quad Envelope

Malekko's Quad Envelope is comprised of 4 AHDSR EGs with dedicated outputs, 16 steps worth of automation recording, and expanded preset functionality when used in tandem with Varigate 4+ or Variagte 8+. Each of the module's channels can be configured to emit a single AHDSR envelope, complete with automation recording.

If that weren't enough, envelopes can be configured in one of four modes that define its behavior when activated by external voltages: Trigger, Gate, Loop, or Gate/Loop. Quad Envelope users can easily autosave when the module is in standalone mode or save up to 16 presets when using alongside the Varigate 4+ and up to 100 with the Varigate 8+.

Quad Envelope Features

  • 4 separate AHDSR envelopes with dedicated outputs
  • 16 steps of automation recording per channel
  • Loop or trigger mode
  • Per-track forward/reverse/pendulum/random switch for altering automation
  • Autosave in standalone mode
  • Select Bus compatible (receive only)
  • Store up to 16 presets with Varigate 4+, or 100 with Varigate 8+
  • Per-envelope fast, slow, or tempo sync switching
  • Clock input
  • Reset input
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Malekko Heavy Industry Quad Envelope Reviews