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Malekko Quad Gate Delay

The Quad Gate Delay, from Malekko Heavy Industries, is a useful way to create rhythmic variations or chain a series of envelopes for a complex multi-stage volume contour. The gate delay style can be switched between tempo synced (both quantized and not), and millisecond delay. Channels 1 and 2 both have CV inputs for variations controlled by other signals. Gate Delays can also be chained, instead of each channel being a delay from an original clock, they can cascade down from one to the next. There is also a Mix output, that combines all four channels and sends a pulse anytime a gate goes high. 

Quad Gate Delay Features

  • 4-Channels of delayed outputs (+ inputs on each channel)    
  • 2 CV inputs for adjusting time of channels 1 and 2. Channels 3 and 4 are fixed.Clock input
  • 3 Time mode settings with manual control: Milliseconds, Tempo Synced (unquantized) and Tempo Synced (quantized)
  • 3 Normalling modes
  • Mix function (sum) for all 4 outputs
  • Pairs well with Varigate 4 and Varigate 8
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