Malekko Heavy IndustryFetish Preamp Boost Distortion Pedal


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Malekko Fetish Preamp Boost Distortion Pedal

The Malekko Heavy Industry Fetish is a 2-stage class A boost distortion pedal with a characteristically musical and dynamic response. Whether used with single or humbucking pickups, the output signal is extremely clean and very responsive to idiosyncratic picking dynamics. For those looking for a distortion pedal capable of providing even transitions from heavy to clean, the Fetish is one of the best. 

The pedal’s Field switch alters the distortion characteristics and determines which frequencies are accentuated once the Push knob is activated, while its Tone control alters the sound from a muted top end to open highs, making it an ideal option for tasty riffage.

Fetish Features

  • Works great on bass guitar - no low end loss
  • 2-stage Class A preamp
  • Very responsive to dynamics
  • Clarity and Articulation
  • Made with high quality components
  • Modulate between light and heavy distortion
  • 3-position Field Switch
  • Push Knob
  • Tone Knob
  • Volume Knob


  • 9v DC adapter (neg tip)
  • Internal battery snap
  • 50mA current draw
Malekko Heavy Industry Fetish Preamp Boost Distortion Pedal Reviews