Making Sound MachinesStolperbeats Offgrid Drum Sequencer


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Making Sound Machines Stolperbeats

Stolperbeats from Making Sound Machines is not only an elegant approach to Eurorack percussion sequencing, but it's also an intuitive way to dial in shuffling, off-grid beats or linear drum patterns. The core of Stolperbeats' behavior can be traced down to the relationship between the Shuffle parameter and four different styles of rhythms: Trip, Shake, Push, and Clave. Specifically, Shuffle applies different varieties of swinging rhythms and tuplet feels to your rhythms, and ranges from strict, rigid timing to looser, almost human-like feels. As for the rhythms themselves, Stolperbeats offers an abundant library of prepared rhythms to explore, mangle, and manipulate, but it is also possible to craft your own and recall them later. There's also a Linear mode, which prevents overlapping notes from occurring and provides a different flavor to your beats.

At the top, you'll find six outputs for various percussive purposes, as well as Sync and Subdivision outputs, which respectively follow the base timing clock and specified time divisions as they relate to the current Shuffle setting. There's also two Envelope outputs, corresponding to beat-synced upwards and downwards ramps. Best of all, if you want to tie Stolperbeats into the rest of your studio, it features TRS MIDI input and output ports to sync up and with drum machines, external hardware gear, and a whole lot more. Shuffle up your rhythmic workflow with Stolperbeats by Making Sound Machines.

Stolperbeats Features

  • Drum trigger sequencer designed for off-grid rhythms
  • Six tracks
  • Shuffle applies different rhythmic feels, including swing and tuplets
  • Four types of rhythms: Trip, Shake, Push, Clave
  • Turn push encoders to change track parameters, or press to mute
  • Linear drum mode
  • Envelope, Sync, and Subdiv outputs
  • 3hp expander including for external mute control and toggling Linear mode
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 26hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 280mA @ +12V, 13mA @ -12V
Making Sound Machines Stolperbeats Offgrid Drum Sequencer Reviews