Make Noise7U Steel CV Bus Case 208HP


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Make Noise 7U Steel CV Bus Case

The Make Noise 7U Steel CV Bus Case is a steel enclosed heavy duty 208HP powered case that meets carry-on luggage requirements of most airlines. There are two 104HP 6U rows and a 104HP row containing the CV Bus and it all weighs 2lbs lighter than the wood Shared System case. Rubber feet on the bottom keep your system secured while performing and it's all enclosed in an elegant matte black finish to keep things stylish. Comes included with 40 M2.5 nuts and black screws for easy mounting of all your favorite modules and a 5V power rail.

7U Steel CV Bus Case Features

  • 208hp with power and 1U CV Bus module installed
  • Two 104 hp 6U rows of Eurorack module space
  • One 104hp 1U row for the CV Bus
  • 40 Sliding M2.5 nuts with Black screws for ease in mounting modules of all widths
  • Rubber feet for playing the case on a table or other surface
  • Side mounted on/off switch and power inlet recessed for safe travel Solid carrying handle and rubber feet on bottom side of lid so the case can travel upright with the lid attached
  • Lid is sealed to keep dust out during travel or storage
  • Lid offers enough space to close with your system patched
  • Meets Carry-On luggage size requirements for most airlines
  • Proven power solution continuously satisfying the euro market for 5 yrs. and counting is capable of a full case of modules.
  • 5V power rail included
  • Eurorack bus and Select bus compatible
  • Universal AC power adapter works world wide (Need IEC Cable for non-US outlets)
  • This item is compatible with M2.5 threaded screws.

  • 12.75 lbs
  • Dimensions: 22.25 x 14 x 7.25" with lid
  • Maximum module depth: 2.5"
  • Power: 1.4A @ +12V, 1A @ -12V, 1A @ +5V
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