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Make Noise4-Zone CV Bus Case - 7U / 104HP


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Make Noise 4-Zone CV Bus Case

Make Noise presents the newest version of their 7U CV Bus Case for Eurorack modular synthesizers—now with an upgraded 4-zone power supply to help minimize unwanted noise. It offers two 104HP rows for mounting 3U Eurorack modules, while the central 1U row is occpuied by the newest version of Make Noise's CV Bus: a distributed signal multiple with integrated CV mixer, high-quality line output, and more.

The 4-Zone Make Noise 7U CV Bus Case features a rugged metal build, with a matte black powder coat. The lid offers enough internal clearance to transport your system while patched, and offers a tight seal to protect against dust and unwanted elements. The power connector and switch are recessed, keeping them out of harm's way during transport. And of course, the case ships with a universal PSU and can be used worldwide—though note that it ships only with a US-style exchangeable IEC cable, so if you're living or roaming outside the US, you'll need to provide your own simple IEC power cable to connect to the included power brick.

One of the most notable improvements in this iteration of Make Noise's case design is the integrated 4-zone Eurorack power supply: a new design that uses a hybrid linear/switching architecture for low noise and excellent load regulation. Because of the isolation of the four individual power zones, you'll be able to effectively isolate noise-prone modules from more noise-sensitive ones...keeping things running nice and quiet. Each zone offers independent +/-12VDC supplies and a dedicated ground return path; the +5VDC is shared among all zones.

Of course, the star of the show is still the central CV Bus: a full-length 1U 104HP utility that occupies the center row of the case. Originally designed at the behest of Alessandro Cortini for his own Make Noise system, the CV Bus is a distributed signal multiple that offers four 1-to-4 mults with visualization for signal strength and polarity at each I/O connection. The new version of the CV Bus adds some new tricks, though. The new "voltage math" section offers a simple two-input mixer with a single unity gain input and one scale-able input with attenuverter. A simple offset is normalled to the attenuverter input channel, so you can use the voltage math section for mixing, signal scaling, and signal offset purposes. On the right-hand side, the CV Bus also features a new output section for converting modular level signals to line level for final audio output. With stereo line output, headphone output, and integrated signal limiting, it's sure to keep your signals sounding clean as they pass on to the rest of your studio.

Providing ample utility, a rugged enclosure, and an excellent power solution, the new Make Noise 7U CV Bus Case is here to help you take your system on the road.

4-Zone CV Bus Case Features

  • New version of Make Noise 7U Steel CV Bus Eurorack case
  • Two 104hp rows of mounting space for 3U Eurorack modules
  • Sliding nut rails with M2.5 threading (pack of screws included)
  • Single central 1U row with CV bus installed
  • CV bus features four one-to-four distributed signal multiples with LED signal visualization at each connection
  • Updated CV bus includes a "voltage math" mixer
  • Updated CV Bus includes high-quality stereo line driver output section, with integrated signal limiting, stereo line level outputs, and a headphone output
  • Hybrid switched/linear power supply provides low-noise performance
  • Four-zone design allows for easy isolation of noise-prone modules from noise-sensitive ones—with 32 total power connectors
  • Available Power: +12VDC @ 4A, -12VDC @ 2.4A and +5VDC @ 1ABlack powder coated metal enclosure with embossed logo on lid
  • Lid seals tight to protect against dust
  • Lid allows enough internal clearance to close and transport your case while patched
  • Recessed, side-mounted power switch and inlet
  • Locking power connector to help prevent unanticipated unplugging
  • Carry handle and rubber feet
  • Meets carry-on size regulations for most airlines
  • Included universal AC power adapter works worldwide (note: ships with US IEC cable)
  • Note: steel stand not included
  • Total HP: 7U, 208 @ 3U, 104 @ 1U (occupied by CV Bus)
  • Outer Dimensions: 22.25" x 14" x 7.25" (including lid)
  • Maximum Module Depth: 2.5"
  • Weight: 12.75 lbs.
  • Available Power: +12VDC @ 4A, -12VDC @ 2.4A and +5VDC @ 1A
  • Power headers: 32
  • External power brick included
  • Includes M2.5 screws
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