LZX IndustriesSum/Dist Video Distribution Amplifiers


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LZX Industries Sum/Dist

Layer your videos and disseminate your vision with LZX Industries' Sum/Dist video summing and signal distribution module. For creating elaborate textures, summing is essential and with the Sum/Dist, you have three high quality video signal amplifiers that will accurately sum your video signals. You also get three output distribution amplifiers that give you access to a stable signal suitable for patching throughout your system. The Sum/Dist module from LZX is a utility that will open up and mash together your wildest visions.

Sum/Dist Features

  • Video signal summing and signal distribution module
  • Combines 3 RGBA channels to 1 RGBA channel
  • Distributes 1 RGBA video channel to 3 identical RGBA video channels
  • Gen3 high quality components
  • Powered via Eurorack or 12VDC barrel
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: +12v @ 200mA
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