LZX IndustriesVisual Cortex Video Synthesizer

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LZX Industries Visual Cortex

The LZX Industries Visual Cortex consolidates the functionality of several previous LZX modules to bring users a highly capable module that is able to serve as the nexus of any Eurorack video synthesis system. In addition to external video processing and 2D shaping/animation, the module is also capable off complex color mixing, automated transitions, luma/chroma keying, and much more.

Visual Cortex Features

  • Input Decoder prepares external video sources for processing inside your modular videosynthesis system. The video input is YPbPr (Component) for full color video processing. The Y input may be used with NTSC/PAL sources if only monochromatic processing is desired.
  • Output Encoder transforms any type of voltage ­­ video, audio, CV, logic ­­ into video signals suitable for display or recording. Outputs include NTSC/PAL, S­Video and YPbPr (Component) video signals.
  • Sync Generator produces master synchronizing pulses for your entire modular video synthesis system. It can lock to external sources for synchronized processing. NTSC/480i and PAL/576i timing formats are supported.
  • Animation & Key Generator is a multi­function low frequency control voltage generator  designed specifically for video transitions, with an internal keyer as well. It is capable of triggered, manual and automated transitions.
  • Colourizer & Compositor is a multi­function analogue RGB processor designed to combine two sets of RGB signals into a single composite output. Blending modes include crossfading, addition/subtraction, and multiplication. Special features include color inversion, solarization, and a triple band linear colourizer.
  • 26HP frontpanel width, 1.75 inch mounting depth.
  • Power consumption is 225mA per each +/­12V power rails.
  • EuroRack standard power connector.
Product Demo Videos
LZX Video Synthesizer
Demo of the LZX visual cortex and prismatic ray modules along with a chaos computer to make some synthesized visuals on a CRT screen.
LZX Video Synthesizer Synchronized Patterns
Video synthesizer patch using the LZX Visual Cortex, Navigator, 2 Prismatic Rays, Color Chords and Staircase controlled by the Livewire Chaos Computer, 4ms QCD and Make Noise Maths that are being clocked by the Arturia DrumBrute that is making all of the sounds. The DrumBrute is run through the Elektron Analog Heat.
Pittsburg Modular Structure 344 Sound & Video Eurorack Synthesizer
Pittsburg Modular's new Structure 344 eurorack studio case has 4 rows of 84HP in an ergonomic layout with an convenient 1U utility row in the middle. We loaded the top two rows with LZX video synthesizer modules and built a synth voice in the bottom two rows. An Elektron Digitakt was used for the drum sounds and sequencing of the synth via a Hexinverter Mutant Brain. We made a complex oscillator with two Joranalogue Filter 8s and a Compare 2 for cross modulation. Effects are provided by Synthesis Technology modules including the E440 VCF and E560 Deflector Shield.
LZX Industries Visual Cortex Video Synthesizer Reviews