LZX IndustriesFKG3 Keyer


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LZX Industries FKG3

FKG3 from LZX Industries is a full featured key generator with analog logic based keying and built from high quality components, with the option to be powered via Eurorack header or 12V barrel jack. With four key modes, Luma, Chroma Red, Green, and Blue plus a variable edge allowing you to get crossfader, hard key, or anything in between, the FKG3 is a versatile tool for any video artist. Switch between three different sources, foreground, background, and external, each with RGB inputs. The FKG3 is also designed to work with monochromatic signals with switched (normalized) input jacks. Threshold and Softness can be manually controlled, or use the CV inputs with built-in attenuverters. A switch allows you to invert the key as well as rectify the signal. Whether you have a full video synth setup, or are looking for equipment to compliment your analog rig, the FKG3 Keyer from LZX is a great addition.

FKG3 Features

  • Gen3 LZX keyer
  • 3 Input sources
  • Switch for inverted, normal, or rectified signal
  • Analog logic based keying modes: Luma Key, Chroma Key Red, Chroma Key Green, and Chroma Key Blue
  • Variable edge allows operation from crossfader to hard key
  • Patch in monochromatic sources seamlessly via switched RGB input jacks
  • Long-life components (jacks, pots, switches)
  • Active switching and gain control of the entire signal path
  • Toggle and rotary switches tied to vertical refresh rate
  • Ultra low noise power supply
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 42mm
  • Current draw: 225mA @ +12V
Product Demo Videos
LZX FKG3 Keyer - 3 Patches
The first release in our new Gen3 series, the FKG3 Keyer is more than meets the eye. Watch artist Johnny Woods explore the module's hidden talents. FKG3 is a versatile 12HP eurorack RGB keyer module. In its most basic use, the keyer allows you to composite two RGB sources, using a third RGB source as the key shape. Gen3 is a series of basic video synthesis building blocks that can be used in surprising and complex ways.
LZX Industries FKG3 Keyer Reviews