LZX IndustriesDSG3 Dual Shape Generator


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LZX Industries DSG3

LZX Industries' DSG3 Dual Shape Generator is a core module in the creation of simple or complex video patterns and textures, acheived by generating, inverting, and waveshaping two ramps. In addition to video-rate oscillators, like the DWO3, shape or ramp generators are essential for creating static shapes along the horizontal and vertical axes that can be further modulated. To get satisfying circles, diamond patterns, kaleidoscopic mirroring, and more shapes of neon psychedelia, you need these ramps, their rectified waveshapes, their inversions, and a sum of them. But instead of requiring a handful of different modules, LZX has combined all of these functions in a single package. Centered around two auto-calibrating ramp generators, you get four inverter switches at the top, four logarithmic and exponential switches, and four switches for the eight frequency doublers/rectifiers. Each channel has a minimum and maximum output, as well as absolute and summed output all available simultaneously. The DSG3 Dual Shape Generator from LZX Industries is perfect to grab in your first haul of video modules or to expand your burgeoning modular video synth system.

DSG3 Features

  • Dual shape/ramp generator module
  • Four inverters
  • Eight frequency doublers / full wave rectifiers
  • Four exponential wave shapers
  • Four logarithmic wave shapers
  • Two minimum functions
  • Two maximum functions
  • Two absolute value functions
  • Two summing amplifiers
  • Gen3 components for longevity and reliability
  • Works with Eurorack power header or 12v barrel jack on the rear
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 42mm
  • Current draw: +12V @ 200mA
Product Demo Videos
LZX DSG3 Dual Shape Generator
In this video series we demonstrate techniques for patching the LZX Industries Eurorack Modular Video Synthesizer System. This installment employs the DSG3 Dual Shape Generator to illustrate different methods for generating horizontal and vertical analog waveforms, which are used as the raw elements of more complex shapes and patterns. DSG3 offers an enormous variety of shapes with an unprecedented array of shaping controls.
LZX Industries DSG3 Dual Shape Generator Reviews