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Low-Gain ElectronicsUTL-1A Passive Format Converter + Attenuator Box


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Low-Gain Electronics UTL-1A

Built like a tank out of die-cast aluminium, the UTL-1A banana/3.5mm format jumbler from Low-Gain is an ideal tool for converting signals between your Eurorack and Buchla, Serge, or Ciat-Lonbarde gear. UTL-1A is a seven-channel format converter—five of the channels are unidirectional, with both 3.5mm and banana jack inputs and outputs with an attenuator in-between. Perfect for taming the mismatched signal levels of Buchla, Serge, Ciat-Lonbarde, Eurorack, and other synth formats, this adds an immense amount of control to connections between your systems. UTL-1A features two additional bidirectional 3.5mm-banana adapters as well, great for signals that don't necessarily require attenuation.

While UTL-1A is perfect for cross communication between different types of modular systems, you can also use it as a standalone attenuator box—great for simple attenuation within your system, or to tame modular levels going out to an external mixer. Just plug in a ground connection and you're ready to patch.

UTL-1A Features

  • Unidirectional 5-channel banana jack + 3.5mm to banana jack + 3.5mm converter
  • Attenuation knob on each channel
  • 2x dedicated bidirectional banana-3.5mm converters
  • Passive
  • Sturdy die-cast aluminium
  • Note: does not offer negative voltage protection—use with caution if connecting to Buchla 200e modules
  • N/A
  • Power: Passive, requires ground from banana jack system only
  • Dimensions: 4.67 X 3.68 X 1.34"
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