Look Mum No Computer#1114 Filter Grr VCF Filter + VCA


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Look Mum No Computer #1114 Filter GRR

For fans of strange-acting yet great sounding filters, the latest offering from Look Mum No Computer and Funque Mod #1114 Grr Filter is something to check out. A tweaked out, modified LM13700 low pass filter, the Grr Filter can produce some gnarly clipping and with a Shelf switch, you can adjust the characteristics of the grit. A built-in VCA makes this a great option for a compact synth voice: just add an envelope and VCO. The resonance can act delightfully strange when cranked all the way up by functioning in a stepped-sounding way adding new frequencies and notes. A unique clipping circuit imparts a unique characteristic and is achieved not by diode clipping but just by turning everything entirely too loud. Two audio inputs lets you create interesting sonic timbres and the filter sounds different depending on if you run a unipolar or bipolar VCO in it. The #1114 Grr Filter sounds unique and can easily find a place in any rack.

#1114 Filter GRR Features

  • Unique low pass filter
  • Eurorack adaptation of Look Mum No Computer's Kosmo-format module
  • Voltage controlled resonance
  • Attenuverter on frequency input
  • Built-in VCA
  • Unique clipping circuit
  • Shelf switch that affects the resonance and allows asymmetric waveform clipping
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 21mA @+12V, 11mA @-12V
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