Lindell Audio7X500VIN 500 Series Vintage Comp / Limiter


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Lindell Audio 7X500VIN

7X-500VIN is a powerful and great sounding compressor inspired by the classic equipment of the late 1960s, delivered to you by Lindell Audio in the form of a portable and affordable 500 series module. This FET-based compressor is based on a couple of vintage OPA1731 op amps that help in recreating that natural feel of yesteryear.

The module is equipped with a set of simple and intuitive controls that let you flexibly shape the dynamics of any sound. A couple of three-position switches allow you to set the Attack and Release settings of the compressor between slow, medium, and fast. The Ratio parameter is also defined by a simple switch with options for 4:1, 12:1, and full on limiting 100:1, while the Comp Mix knob provides means to set the perfect balance between the original signal and its dynamically squashed copy. Finally, 7X-500VIN is conveniently equipped with a sidechain high-pass filter, configurable between 100Hz and 300Hz response settings, which means that you can have control over dynamic interaction between sounds without the need to patch an external signal into the compressor.

7X500VIN Features

  • Powerful FET-based compressor inspired by the classic gear of the 9060s
  • Based on 2 vintage OPA1731 op amps
  • Three-position switches for Attack and Release settings
  • Ratio settings are 4:1 for light effect, 12:1 for heavy compression, and 100:1 for full-on limiting
  • Sidechain high-pass filter
  • Comp Mix control for seamless blending between the original and compressed sounds
  • Connects to 500-series chassis with +/-16V
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