Lauren AudioSpitfire SF-1 Distortion / Overdrive

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Lauren Audio Spitfire

Spitfire is an entirely new take on multi-clipping distortion. Featuring 6 unique clipping stages, this dastardly overdrive is capable of everything from elegant overdrive to nasty clipping that would bring a tear to the eye of even the most infernal of beings.

Each of the Spitfire's stages can be chosen via the selector switch. Available stages are Clean, Smooth, Germanium, Warm, Dynamic, and Heavy-Mid, all of which render it ideal for an array of situations and settings.

Beyond its stellar featureset, two of Spitfire's clipping stages and one of its filter circuits are built on sockets, meaning DIY-inclined users can easily implement their desired components.

Users can rest assured that all of the components used in the pedal's construction are of the utmost highest quality. Some of those used include Neutrik Jacks, WIMA Capacitors, Dale Mil-Spec Resistors, Vishay Transistors, Nichicon Capacitors, and more.

Spitfire Features

  • Dynamic and Versatile
  • 6 Discrete Clipping Styles
  • 2 Filter Modes
  • Modern and NOS Components
  • DIY Friendly Features
  • Specs TBA
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