LandscapeSoundwich Piezo Sound Device


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Landscape Soundwich

Landscape's Soundwich is a piezo-based device that celebrates the sound of tactile component switches and human interaction, with bi-directional 3.5mm jacks and touch plate filtering. Both jacks can be either inputs or outputs and accept audio and CV signals. One jack is momentary and one is always on—to engage the momentary jack, simply squeeze the Soundwich. Around the edges are switches that can be engaged individually and have unique filtering options. The other jack is always on and can be used as a simple contact mic, shaker, or modulation source when boosted to modular levels. Landscape's Soundwich is a solid sound utility that is versatile for any situation.

Soundwich Features

  • 2x Piezo element device
  • Great for shakes, clicking, and surface sounds
  • Internal switches and sliding nuts for acoustic sounds
  • Internal low pass filter engaged by fingers and tactile clicking
  • 2x bi-directional 3.5mm jacks: 1 momentary, 1 constant
  • Passive
  • 2x 3.5mm bi-directional jacks
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Landscape Soundwich Piezo Sound Device Reviews