LandscapeHC-TT Human Controlled Tape Transport


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Landscape HC-TT

HC-TT from Landscape is a human-controlled tape transport that lets you manually scrub through cassettes and use the material as a modular synth controller using the CV/Gate outputs. Two knobs let you control the direction of your scrubbing and using the Gain and Tone controls, you can adjust the sonic quality quite nicely. A momentary mute touch plate lets you silence your scrubbing for playful interaction. Two additional touchplates let you interact with the audio and output CV and Gates. With the Half Moon, you can feed CV based on your cassette manipulation. Using the Full Moon, the audio will feedback into the preamp, letting you adjust it via the Tone control. An audio input is present, but you cannot record onto the tape, instead it offers a way to add some analog saturation to your signal via the Gain and Tone control. Landscape's HC-TT is a unique and fun way to manipulate audio and control your modular synth.

HC-TT Features

  • Human controlled tape transport
  • Manually scrub and scratch cassettes (loop cassettes will not work)
  • Outputs CV/Gate signals derived from the cassette scratching
  • Momentary mute touch plate
  • Touch plate for outputting CV
  • Audio feedback touchplate to send audio back into the preamp
  • Tone gives you a lofi bass cut/boost option
  • Gain can push audio loud and affects CV/Gate signals
  • Power: 12v center-positive PSU included
  • Weight: 0.8lbs / 0.36kg
Landscape HC-TT Human Controlled Tape Transport Reviews