LabLab AudioLED Patch Cable (5-Pack)

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LabLab Audio LED Patch Cable

LabLab Audio's LED Patch Cable is a visually stimulating Eurorack patch cable for helping you understand your signal's polarity and direction. Positive polarity will produce a green color while negative polarity produces a red light, or go blue positive for aesthetic as well as a more colorblind-friendly palette. With lengths ranging as short as 15cm and as long as 150cm, these colorful patch cables are great for performances in the dark as well as just adding a little extra spice to your Eurorack setup.

LED Patch Cable Features

  • LED-responsive patch cables
  • Eurorack 1/8" sizing
  • Green or Blue for positive signals and red for negative signals
  • Lengths range 15cm to 150cm
  • Packs of 5
  • 3.5mm Eurorack TS patch cable
  • Available in 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, and 150cm
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