L-1Stereo Mixer + Mute + IO Expanders


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L-1 Stereo Mixer + Mute + IO Expanders

The VC Stereo Mixer from L-1 is a four-channel stereo mixer with voltage control over level and panning, and includes two expanders for further utility. It uses discrete Blacksea VCAs , providing a wide dynamic range and low-distortion performance. Each of the four channels features manual and CV control over panning and level, letting you set and automate the signal's position within the stereo field. A master output level sets the output for both the left and right final outputs, with CV control over the master level. The companion mutes module gives you four channels of mute buttons to instantly bring channels in or out of the mix, while the In/Out Expander offers Send/Return functionality. The VC Stereo Mixer is an excellent tool for stereo usage, bringing all features under voltage control for increased flexibility.

Stereo Mixer + Mute + IO Expanders Features

  • Four-channel voltage-controlled stereo mixer
  • Manual and CV control over level and panning per track
  • Left and right outputs
  • Uses Discrete Blacksea VCA circuitry
  • Stereo LED VU graph
  • Expanders add mute buttons and send/return jacks
  • Master level on large knob with dedicated CV control
  • Audio only passes through VCA and summing circuits
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 22hp for Stereo Mixer alone; 30hp with both expanders
  • Depth: 33mm
  • Current draw: 230mA @ +12V, 140mA @ -12V
L-1 Stereo Mixer + Mute + IO Expanders Reviews