L-1 Quad VCA / Mixer

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L-1 Quad VCA/Mixer

With their Quad VCA/Mixer, L-1 spared no expense when sourcing the best of the best VCA chips: the THAT2180 and OPA2604 for the audio chain, and TL074 for CV. Internally, it features four VCAs and a mixer; this combination allows the channels to be mixed as pairs or as a sum. Even better, each channel features its own output.

Quad VCA/Mixer Features

  • 4 VCAs
  • Mixer
  • 4 Audio Inputs
  • Linear/Exponential response per channel via DIP switch
  • 4 CV Inputs
  • 4 Individual Audio Outputs
  • SUM Audio Output
  • 1+2 Audio Output
  • 3+4 Audio Output
  • Eurorack Module
  • 12HP Width
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