L-1Mutant Vactrol VCF Filter


L-1 Mutant Vactrol VCF

The Mutant Vactrol Filter derives its name from its internal circuitry: on the one hand, it is a disparate recreation of the Buchla lowpass gate, albeit with some modifications and a resonance clipper not unlike that found on the Korg MS-20. However, the Mutant Filter is not a clone or revision, hence the “mutant” portion of its name. Consequently, it is capable of everything from understated sonic purity, to abrasive aural punishment.

This version was produced by L-1 and based on designs by Scott Sites.

Vactrol VCF Features

  • Frequency Control
  • Resonance Control
  • CV1 & CV2 Controls
  • IN1 & IN2 Level Controls
  • Reso Clip On/Off Switch
  • Filter Mode Switch (HP/BP/LP)
  • Out Tap Slope Switch (12/24dB)
  • 2 Audio Inputs
  • 2 CV Inputs
  • 1 1V/oct CV Input
  • 1 Audio Output


  • Eurorack Module
  • 16HP Width
  • 30mm Depth
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