L-1Midside Discrete Microcompressor


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L-1 Midside Discrete Microcompressor

Boasting deep dynamic sculpting and complex modulation options, the Midside Discrete Microcompressor from L-1 is a dual Eurorack compressor like no other. The two sides mirror each other and can operate in dual mono, stereo, or midside modes.

Set the threshold and ratio levels to control the level and amount of compression on the input signals. Attack, release, and the peak/RMS switches set the speed and duration of the compression. The attack and release times also control a dedicated envelope output. Not only does this module control the dynamics of a signal—selectable 6dB/oct low pass/high pass filters with CV over cutoff frequency add control over the harmonics of your audio. Sidechain external audio signals to duck the compression and control the dynamics. CV over many of the parameters unlocks a whole new realm of control possibilities. This compressor sounds rich and provides robust control over the dynamics of anything you throw at it.

Midside Discrete Microcompressor Features

  • Dual compressor
  • Dual mono, stereo, or midside operation
  • 6dB/oct low pass and high pass filters
  • Set threshold, ratio, and makeup
  • Envelope with attack and release controls and dedicated output
  • Bypass switches
  • Sidechain inputs
  • Peak or RMS timing modes
  • Mix control
  • CV over most parameters
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 24hp
  • Depth: 36mm
  • Current draw: 165mA @ +12V, 165mA @ -12V
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