L-1Dual VC ADSR Envelope Generator


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L-1 Dual VC ADSR

L-1's Dual VC ADSR is a two-channel, analog envelope generator with voltage control over every stage. Both ADSR generators are identical and feature four LEDs that indicate which stage is active. Attack and Decay/Release have their own independent response curve switches that shift from linear to exponential. Each channel also features simultaneous ADSR and inverted ADSR envelope outputs; during the sustain stage, a gate output is high allowing for more complex modulation and integrated movement. Attack times can go as long as 10 seconds or as short as 0.1ms while decay and release times can go as long as 20 seconds or as short as 0.5ms. The Dual VC ADSR from L-1 is a stable, feature-rich envelope generator that is perfect for adding dynamic control to your system.

Dual VC ADSR Features

  • Analog dual ADSR
  • Voltage control over each stage
  • LEDs indicate which stage is active
  • Sustain gate output
  • Positive and negative envelope outputs
  • Linear and exponential switches for both attack and decay/release stages
  • Trigger and Gate inputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 22hp
  • Depth: 26mm
  • Current draw: 77mA @+12v, 77mA @-12v
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