Kush AudioClariphonic 500 Series EQ


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Kush Audio Clariphonic

The Kush Audio Clariphonic offers a brand new approach to high-frequency equalization by offering six parallel signal paths that accurately produce the presence and clarity found in vintage analog equalizers.�

The unit is capable of producing nearly-limitless types of high-end. Its internal signal paths are configured to allow an additive-only high frequency equalization that is simultaneously transparent, holographic, and phaseless.

Clariphonic Features

  • 2 high-shelves blended in parallel on each channel
  • 6 unusual and carefully selected corner frequencies
  • powerful control over the midrange, presence, and air bands
  • ability to 'solo' the parallel filters for external sweetening & processing
  • Minimal, mastering grade signal path for total sonic purity
  • 500 Series Format Module
  • Requires 500 series power supply and rack to operate
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