KorgWavestate Wave Sequencing Keyboard Synthesizer


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Korg Wavestate

The Korg Wavestate is the next generation of keyboard synthesizers, delivering a powerful range of features not found on other synths, be they digital or analog. Building on the highly acclaimed Wavestation, it improves upon the powerful wave sequencing function and brings it into the modern era. Combining wave sequencing with vector synthesis techniques, the Wavestate produces unique pads and evolving textures with unmatched depth and richness.

Wavesequencing 2.0 is inspired by sequencing in a modular environment, and rhythmically modifies samples, control values, effects, and a host of other parameters in real time to create a unique palette of sounds and sequences. Alternatively, you can create sequences using the on-board arpeggiator, which can operate in latching and momentary modes. Additional modulation sources include four-stage envelopes and LFOs which can be assigned to a variety of destinations.

The playable macro knobs provide sweeping changes to the sound. However, if you're feeling lucky, hit the randomize button to give your sound a roll of the dice, randomly changing parameters without the need to manually program them.

The Wavestate's 64-note polyphony and effects engine that can run up to 14 effects simultaneously provides a level of control not found on synthesizers of this category. The 6GB of PCM allows for over 700 sounds, plus there are 1,000 wavesequences and storage for over 10,000 performances. The multi-type filter includes classic filters including polysix and MS-20-style filters with cutoff, resonance, and envelope intensity controls.

The Wavestate is unlike any synthesizer currently on the market, providing a powerful array of functions that set it apart from the competition.

Wavestate Features

  • Wavesequencing three-octave keyboard
  • Wavesequencing 2.0 with sequencing options for pitch, modulation, timbre, sample, effects, and more
  • Large and clear screen shows parameters currently being edited
  • Eight macro knobs
  • Randomize function
  • 64-note polyphony
  • Up to 14 effects simultaneously
  • 6GB of PCM sounds
  • Storage for 10,000 performances
  • Multi-type filter with classic filter types
  • Envelope and LFO with assignable destinations
  • Four-axis joystick for vector synthesis control
  • Pitch and mod wheel
  • Designed by the original Wavestation team
  • MIDI in/out on 5-pin DIN and USB
  • TBD
Product Demo Videos
New Korg Wavestate Vector & Wave Sequencing Synthesizer
Introducing Korg's Wavestate: a 21st-century reimagining of the classic 1990s Wavestation concept. This video explores some of the many sounds it can produce, from huge cinematic pads to intricately-composed, layered rhythmic sequences.

Based on wave sequencing and vector synthesis, the Wavestate provides nearly endless options for creating lush, evolving soundscapes. Like the Wavestation series before it, it relies on Wave Sequencing to allow users to create everything from smooth timbral transitions to jarring, abrupt sonic changes using a huge range of PCM waves. By using four Wave Sequencing-capable oscillators at the corners of a Vector Synthesis diamond configuration, the Wavestate enables continuous transitions between independently-unfolding wave sequences...meaning that entirely separate sonic worlds can collide and blend at the flick of a joystick.
Korg Wavestate Wave Sequencing Keyboard Synthesizer Reviews