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KorgVolca Sample 2 Compact Sampler


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Korg Volca Sample 2

Korg has brought back the Volca Sample sampler/sequencer and revamped it, expanding its functionality. Like all Volca products, don't let its size fool you—it's a compact sampling powerhouse.

In Volca Sample 2, Korg has doubled the memory and memory slots, and additionally added USB connectivity. The addition of USB connectivity facilitates easier communication between your DAW and your Volca Sample 2, allowing you to easily transfer samples, sync to your DAW, and further sequence and control it. Individual parts can each be assigned a MIDI channel, allowing you to easily integrate external control devices such as keyboards or sequencers. AudioPocket manager for iOS allows you to record and transfer samples directly from your iOS smartphone or tablet. Korg doubled the memory slots to 200, and left 50 slots available for your own samples. The number of pattern locations has also been increased from 10 to 16.

Get performative with the pattern chain mode that features two different STEP JUMP modes. Nudge your sequences off the grid with the new delay feature which slightly delays the start of any part, letting you add interesting groove and swing to your sequences. The powerful Volca sequencer features 16 steps with motion controls that allow you to automate changes to your samples on the fly. The sequencer can sync to external gear such as the other devices in the Volca line. Parameters such as start point, length, speed, panning, and A/D envelopes for both the pitch and amplifier allow you to edit and transform your samples into entirely new iterations. An analogue isolator features bass and treble controls which can either boost or cut these frequencies. With this second generation of Volca Sample, Korg expanded its already robust feature set and provided useful new features and welcome updates.

Volca Sample 2 Features

  • Sampler and sequencer
  • Volca form factor is portable
  • 200 memory slots
  • 16 pattern locations
  • Sample edit parameters such as start, length, speed, panning, and hi cut let you customize your samples
  • Analogue isolator features bass and treble boost or cut
  • Sync with external gear such as the other Volca series
  • Reverb with mix control
  • Swing control, now with delay to nudge sequences off the grid
  • Sequencer with motion controls
  • microUSB connectivity
  • iOS companion app
  • MIDI in
  • Eight voice polyphony
  • 8MB of memory
  • 16-bit 31.25kHz sampling frequency
  • Runs on 9V AC or six AA batteries
  • 16-bit 31.25kHz sampling frequency
  • MIDI and microUSB inputs
  • 193 x 115 x 45mm / 7.5 x 4.5 x 1.7"
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