KorgVolca Drum Physical Modeling Drum Machine


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Korg Volca Drum

Korg's Volca Drum is another addition to the innovative Volca series, this time offering a combination of virtual analog and physical modeling techniques to create highly customizable kits of electronic percussion sounds. Each voice offers identical synthesis facilities, making no distinction between "kick," "snare," "tom," or any other type of sound. This means that users can create extremely varied kits, each comprised of six sounds with two layers each. Based on analog modeling and an optional waveguide resonator, the Volca Drum allows everything from classic noise burst percussion to twangy stringlike sounds, powerful chimes, and completely unheard, implausible new tones.

A custom LCD provides visual feedback specific to whichever sound is selected, and an expanded Volca sequencer offers sequence randomization, motion recording, pattern chaining, active step editing, and all the niceties one could expect from a Volca. Perhaps one of the most progressive Volcas in terms of sound design, the Volca Drum is sure to earn its place in the performance rigs and studios of countless musicians.

Volca Drum Features

  • 6-voice digital percussion machine with analog-modelled exciters and digital waveguide resonator
  • Two layers per voice for multifaceted sound design
  • All voices share same basic architecture: no dedicated "kick," "snare," etc. as in traditional drum machines
  • User sounds may be organized into 16 recallable kits
  • Ships with 10 factory kits
  • Extended Volca sequencer with pattern chaining, motion recording, sequence randomization, and more
  • Sound randomization for instant creation of unique percussion sounds
  • Custom LCD for specialized visual feedback
  • Audio Output: 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Sync: Sync in & out via 3.5mm jacks
  • MIDI: 5-pin DIN MIDI input
  • Power: 6x AA or KA-350 adapter (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 119 x 115 x 39mm
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Product Demo Videos
Korg Volca Drum Drum Machine NAMM 2019
Korg has a new drum machine at NAMM 2019, the Volca Drum which has 6 voices which can each be sent to a waveguide resonator which has two modes. The waveguide resonator is a physical modeling algorithm which is similar to a short delay line and has a tube emulating mode as well as a string emulating mode. The Volca Drum also has some upgrades to the sequencer over the previous Volcas.
Korg Volca Drum Physical Modeling Drum Machine Reviews