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KorgSQ-64 Poly Sequencer

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Korg SQ-64

Greatly expanding the capabilities established by their humble SQ-1, Korg's SQ-64 Poly Sequencer is more than ready to drop into your studio and seamlessly assume its destined role as the brain of your music setup. SQ-64 boasts four tracks with up to 64 steps each, of which three are melodic sequencers offering up to eight notes of polyphony, with a fourth track functioning as a 16-part rhythmic sequencer. This flexibility is further expounded upon by the generous connectivity options that Korg has provided on the SQ-64, providing Pitch, Mod, and Gate CV outputs for all the m elodic tracks, eight Gate outputs for the rhythmic sequencer, alongside TRS Type-A MIDI, USB MIDI, and global analog Sync I/O for connecting SQ-64 with Volcas, Minilogue XD, and more.

The original SQ-1 provided several clever options for making the most of its mere sixteen steps, and the SQ-64 is no different. Each sequencer track of the SQ-64 can support a variety of playback modes, from traditional forwards and backwards to a Bounce mode that treats each sequence like a pendulum, a fully random mode, and a Stochastic mode that probabilistically chooses each step advancing forward, backward, skipping, repeating on a per-step basis. It's also easily possible to change the timing of each track to facilitate quarter, eight, 16th, or 32nd modes—including triplets! Any of the four tracks can be set from one to 64 steps in length, and a Polyrhythm mode allows all tracks to run free without forcing resynchronization to the longest sequence.

SQ-64 features a matrix of 64 pads arranged in a 16x4 grid, facilitating many different ways of displaying and inputting note information. For the pitch sequencers, in addition to displaying the stored sequence, two keyboard modes exist to assist the user in playing notes in real time. Keys layout stacks the pads into a layout similar to a traditional keyboard, while the Isomorphic mode allows for the user to easily play chords in symmetrical shapes across the full range of notes. The bright and clear OLED screen displays vital information as you jump between tracks and steps, and the four Param encoders make fine adjustments totally easy. Like the SQ-1, the SQ-64 is housed in a robust, aluminum enclosure, providing assurance that it will be a durable and lasting member of your studio or live performance setup. Up your sequencing game with the SQ-64 from Korg.

SQ-64 Features

  • Four-part polyphonic sequencer with up to 64 steps per track
  • Three melodic sequencers with dedicated Note, Mod, and Gate CV outputs
  • Rhythmic sequencer with 16 sub-tracks, with eight dedicated trigger outputs
  • TRS Type A MIDI ports
  • Sync I/O for clocking Volcas and more
  • Store 64 Projects with up to 16 patterns per track, with chaining
  • Dedicated controller mode
  • MIDI: Type-B micro USB, 3.5mm TRS Type-A In, Out 1, Out 2
  • CV: Note, Mod, and Gate per melodic track, eight gate outputs for rhythmic track
  • Sync: I/O
  • Power: 9VDC (not included)
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