KorgRK-100S 2 37-Key Keytar Synthesizer + MIDI Controller

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Korg RK-100S 2

Korg's RK-100S 2 is a fantastic update to their performable and shreddable Keytar series with some amazing added features. Following in the footsteps of the RK-100, the RK-100S 2 brings you eight voices of analog modeling polyphony, based off of Korg's R3 synthesis architecture that's also found in the microKORG. This form of synthesis is great for mimicking loads of sonic qualities heard across analog synthesizers, and RK-100S 2 steps up its game by providing 200 programs that showcase classic and modern sounds heard throughout a multitude of genres. On top of this, RK-100S 2 supports bi-timbrality for split and layered patches, as well as offering a fantastic 16-band vocoder that allows you to utilize the input for adding synthesized magic to your vocals or any line-level signal. You can further edit all these programs via the computer editor to access the full range of oscillators, waveshaping, multi-mode filters, and effects to make your perfect patch.

Not only is the sonic architecture updated, but the performability offered on the RK-100S 2 is better than ever! The 37-note slim keyboard is easily accessible for spread chords as well as shredding, taking its lightweight and compact size from the wonderful Minilogue XD. Add finesse and pizzazz to your performance with the two ribbon controllers, one on the neck for pitch bends and modulations and one spanning the keybed for seamless pitch and filter sweeps. The RK-100S 2 is tied together by a well-built, wooden chassis that showcases the lovely grain of the wood via it's pristine clear finish. Thanks to the eight hours of play time over six AA batteries, RK-100S 2 from Korg is one of the most versatile and performable keytars that you can rock out on throughout any performance.

RK-100S 2 Features

  • Keytar performance synthesizer
  • Analog modeling engine based on the R3, much like the microKORG XL
  • Bi-Timbral, eight voice polyphony with up to 200 programs
  • Tons of effects, waveshaping, and a 16-band vocoder
  • Two assignable touch strips with one running the full length of the keybed
  • Mic and line inputs
  • Slim and performable key bed just like the one in the Minilogue XD
  • Up to eight hours of battery life over six AA batteries
  • All-wood construction in either red or black finish
  • Comes with a travel bag and nylon strap
  • Audio Input: mono dynamic mic or line input
  • Mic input select switch: high or low gain
  • Input connector type: mono mini jack
  • Audio Output: 1/4" TRS (headphone, stereo, and line out)
  • MIDI out: 5-Pin DIN
  • USB connector: type-B
  • Display: 7-segment LEDs, 3 digits
  • Power: 6x AA batteries (alkaline or nickel-metal hydride) or optional AC adapter (not included)
  • Battery Life: 8 hours (alkaline batteries)
  • Dimensions: 32.99" x 10.35" x 2.87"
  • Weight: 6.94 lbs (including batteries)
Product Demo Videos
Top Features of the KORG RK-100S2 - In The Studio with Luciano
Luciano Minetti from KORG goes through the top features of the new RK-100S2 keytar and shares the history of the RK-100 lineup. The RK-100S2 allows you to play standalone thanks to powerful onboard analog modeling with vocoding and arpeggiation, or control external MIDI devices. Two assignable control ribbons provide expressive modulation and scale generation options—all in a sleek, unique, solid wood body in your choice of red or black.
Korg RK-100S 2 37-Key Keytar Synthesizer + MIDI Controller Reviews