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KorgNautilus Workstation (88-key)

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Korg Nautilus

Built with performance in mind, the Nautilus workstation incorporates nine sound engines form Korg's renowned Kronos series of instruments with a streamlined user interface and an abundance of new sounds and samples. This 88-key version of Nautilus contains Korg's impressive RH-3 hammer action keybed, offering a thoroughly authentic touch response compared to a real piano keyboard, with heavier tension in lower notes compared to higher ones. The instrument is encased in smooth wooden side panels, offering a touch of elegance and sophistication to this remarkable workstation.

Nautilus is a thoroughly capable workstation, and Korg designed this instrument with the performing keyboardist in mind. The Dynamics control offers global scaling of velocity and expression—turning it to the left results in more sensitivity and responsiveness to lighter touch, whereas turning it to the right maintains consistent dynamic response, perfect for fitting in with a full band and ensuring your parts are heard. There's also six Realtime knobs available for quickly dialing in changes to vital aspects of your sounds, such as filter cutoff or the amount of an effect. Each of these knobs can be set to your liking, and then locked into the panel with a single press, to ensure parameters aren't accidentally changed in the heat of a performance. Six assignable Quick Access buttons are present, with four sets of assignments available to quickly jump the user to important pages and functions.

Boasting immense sound capabilities, Nautilus is full of sophisticated sound engines and an abundance of included sounds and samples. Borrowing nine engines from Kronos, Nautilus features the advanced SGX-2 piano engine, offering more libraries of piano sounds than any other workstation. Nautilus provides stellar recording, sequencing, and sampling capabilities as well—the onboard recorder is capable of storing 16 MIDI and 16 audio tracks, offering capabilities for sequencing, layering effects, and even resampling itself for use in other tracks or sound engines. Nautilus offers a generous 16 effect slots, with 12 available as insert effects to be applied at any point in a sound or track, along with two master sends and two final output effects. Separate three-band EQs are available on every track and timbre for further shaping. A workstation like no other, Korg's Nautilus will help to bring your performances and compositions to the next level.

Nautilus Features

  • 88-key workstation
  • Nine powerful Kronos engines
  • Standard, current, and unique sound libraries included
  • Vivid 7" touchscreen
  • Six quick access buttons with assignable functionality
  • Setlist mode easily arranges presets, sequences, and more
  • 16 effects slots, 32 EQs, and 197 different effect types
  • 16 tracks of MIDI sequencing
  • 16 tracks of audio recording, up to 24-bit/48kHz
  • USB MIDI host capability for using your favorite USB MIDI controller with Nautilus
  • RH-3 hammer action keybed
  • Four-axis joystick
  • Touchscreen: 7"/800 x 480 pixels WVGA
  • Nine synth engines
  • 200 voices of polyphony
  • 60GB SSD
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-22kHz
  • Audio Inputs Two 1/4" TRS balanced
  • Audio outputs: Four 1/4" TRS balanced
  • Damper pedal, assignable polarity
  • USB type-A Host port
  • USB type-B device port
  • Five-pin DIN MIDI In/Out/Thru
  • 1,437 x 387 x 139 mm / 56.57” x 15.24” x 5.47”
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