KorgNanoKontrol Studio MIDI Controller


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Korg NanoKontrol Studio

The Korg Nanokontrol Studio is an eight-channel multifunction control surface, great for controlling your software synthesizer or DAW. Each channel has a knob, fader, and four buttons. By default in DAW mode, the sliders are assigned to track volume, the knobs to track panning, and the buttons control solo, mute, record, and select. But of course, the buttons, knobs, and sliders can be customized and can control everything from envelopes and LFO depth to filter cutoff and beyond. The large assignable scroll wheel can be used for everything from track scrubbing to tempo control. The Korg Kontrol Editor software allows for customized settings such as the range of values accessible per slider or the CC or note number. The marker buttons allow you to quickly drop in marker points and navigate through them. The Nanokontrol Studio can connect to your computer or iOS device via USB or Bluetooth LE.

The Nanokontrol Studio is portable and has a range of functionality that allows hands on control of your DAW or software synthesizer, freeing yourself from the confines of adjusting virtual sliders on your computer.

NanoKontrol Studio Features

  • Eight-channel control surface
  • Assignable slider, knob, and four buttons per channel
  • Large assignable encoder
  • Track transport controls
  • Use with DAW or software synthesizer
  • Marker input and navigation
  • Micro USB or Bluetooth LE connection
  • Can be used with iOS devices
  • Five scene memory
  • 278 mm x 160 mm x 33 mm / 10.94" x 6.30" x 1.30"
  • MicroUSB bus power or two AAA batteries (both included), >500mA
  • macOS 10.8+,Windows 7 spi+
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