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A new king has arrived–the KingKORG NEO keyboard synthesizer is the latest little giant from Korg, featuring tons of virtual analog fun, expansive vocoder capability, and more in a compact and approachable interface. Whether you're looking for a first synthesizer that covers a wide range of musical applications, or a veteran synthesist looking to expand their collection, the KingKORG NEO offers power and versatility without sacrificing user-friendly fun and functionality.

Korg has equipped the NEO with their eXpanded Modeling Technology, or XMT synth engine, a deeply flexible platform with a wide timbral range. 138 oscillator types are available for its three oscillators, with parametric control knobs for each. These types include classic analog waveforms and noise sources, DWGS and PCM sounds, and a "MIC IN" type for utilizing the included vocoder microphone.

The KingKORG NEO's vocoder is a powerhouse, and the balanced XLR input and included mic allow you to explore what it has to offer right away. A high-quality 16-band filter bank competes with even dedicated vocoding devices, providing maximum flexibility in creating custom timbres. Unleash your inner robot with classic vocoder patches, or dial in a sound all your own with numerous controls over the formant and individual band parameters.

Spectral shaping and filtering is essential to modeling classic synth sounds, and Korg has generously included a wide palette of filters for your sound designing needs. 18 analog modeled filters are available, bringing the classic sounds of synths like the TB303, Prophet 5, Minimoog, and Korg's own MS-20 to your signal chain at the turn of a dial.

The KingKORG NEO also features three master effect slots – pre fx, mod fx, and reverb/delay – each with six options for sculpting the color, texture, and space of the synthesizer timbre. Each of these effects has dedicated knob controls, so you can effortlessly adjust and tweak your sound on the fly during performance.

Explore the 200 factory presets or dive deep into the KingKORG NEO's virtual patching feature, allowing you to send up to six of its modulation sources per timbre to various parameters in your patch. This greatly increases the flexibility of sound creation on the NEO, allowing it to be used as a quick way to fire up classic sounds, or a deep and flexible platform for sonic experimentation. All this functionality is available from controls on the front panel, so your workflow never skips a beat. Perfect for beginners and experienced synthesists alike, the KingKORG NEO is the new monarch ready to rule in any context.

KingKORG NEO Features

  • Virtual analog keyboard synthesizer
  • 37 keys with velocity and release sensitivity
  • 24-voice polyphony with bitimbral capability
  • 8-step arpeggiator with multiple modes
  • 16-band Vocoder and included gooseneck microphone
  • 138 oscillator types
  • 18 filter types
  • 2 LFOs
  • 2 envelope generators
  • Joystick modulation controller
  • 3 effect slots each with 6 effect types
  • 200 preset programs and 100 user slots for saving your own patches
  • Virtual patching for sending LFO, envelope, or controller modulations around the patch
  • MIDI I/O and USB-B connectivity
  • Mono/L+R output and headphone out
  • Dimensions: 565 x 338 x 92 mm / 22.24" x 13.31 " x 3.62
  • Weight: 3.1kg / 6.83 lbs.
  • Included items: AC Adapter, Vocoder mic (+ windscreen)
Korg KingKORG NEO Virtual Analog Keyboard Synthesizer Reviews