KorgKeystage 61 Poly AT MIDI 2.0 Keyboard Controller


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Korg Keystage 61

Korg's Keystage 61 isn't just one of the first MIDI keyboard controllers to embrace MIDI 2.0—it also features stellar polyphonic aftertouch and an onboard audio interface. The long-awaited MIDI 2.0 is finally here, and Keystage 61 offers one of the most exciting new aspects of the updated protocol: MIDI-CI Property Exchange. When connected to compatible devices or software, Keystage can automatically display parameter names and values on its OLED displays—no more tedious mapping processes! You can also use Keystage and take advantage of its official integrations with Ableton Live and Korg Gadget, but of course it works wonderfully with all other major DAWs too.

But Keystage 61 isn't all about the future of MIDI—it's incredibly capable with the present trends in electronic instruments too! Namely, Keystage 61 features ASM's PolyTouch keybed design, lending full support of MPE and polyphonic aftertouch right from the keys themselves. For the performing keyboardist, Keystage 61 features an integrated USB audio interface, allowing you to use the built-in audio outputs to send quality audio out to a mixer or PA. So between eliminating the need for a separate audio interface and Keystage's inherently slim physical design, you can traveling to gigs has never been easier. Look forward to the future of MIDI with Korg's Keystage 61.

Keystage 61 Features

  • 61-note MIDI keyboard controller
  • 5 octaves of notes
  • PolyTouch keybed with polyphonic aftertouch, designed by ASM
  • Supports MIDI 2.0 features, such as Property Exchange for automatic parameter mapping
  • 8 encoders with dedicated OLED displays
  • Arpeggiator and chord modes
  • USB audio interface with stereo outputs
  • Official integration with Ableton Live and Korg Gadget, plus compatibility with major DAWs
  • USB and 5-pin MIDI
  • Expansion plate mountable in two different positions to support tablets and laptops
  • Dimensions: 979 × 234 × 82 mm/38.54" × 9.21" × 3.23"
  • Power: USB or optional KA350 AC adapter (not included)
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KORG Keystage Poly Aftertouch Controller - Top Features and Overview
Luciano from KORG introduces Keystage, the ultimate MIDI keyboard for producers and performers. This premium controller boasts a feature-packed design, offering MIDI 2.0 integration, exceptional touch sensitivity with polyphonic aftertouch, and an impressive software bundle. From arpeggiators to versatile chord modes, Keystage is the perfect companion whether you're on stage or in the studio. Plus, you have the choice of two sizes, 49 or 61 keys, all in a sleek and portable design.
Korg Keystage 61 Poly AT MIDI 2.0 Keyboard Controller Reviews