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KorgKeystage 49 Poly AT MIDI 2.0 Keyboard Controller


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Korg Keystage 49

With groundbreaking MIDI 2.0 compatibility, polyphonic aftertouch, and an integrated audio interface, Korg's Keystage 49 redefines what it means to be a full-featured MIDI keyboard controller. Keystage embraces one of the most exciting features of MIDI 2.0: MIDI-CI Property Exchange messages. What this means for you as a musician or producer is that when you connect to compatible MIDI 2.0 software or hardware instruments, Keystage's OLED displays will automatically update with parameter names and values. No more time spent MIDI mapping CCs—it's all done automatically! Keystage is also equipped with stellar DAW compatibility, including official integration with Ableton Live and Korg's own Gadget, for easy remote control of transport and other features.

Given the rising popularity of expressive MPE and poly aftertouch-capable instruments, Korg partnered up with ASM to incorporate their PolyTouch keybeds into Keystage. Whether you're plugging a Keystage into Ableton's MPE instruments, ASM's Hydrasynth, or any of the other fantastic devices out there, Keystage gives you all you need to pack expressivity into each and every note. And if you're trying to travel to your gig as lightweight as possible, not only does Keystage feature a slim and portable design, but it also features an incorporated USB audio interface. This is an instant and effective way to get quality audio out of your computer running software synthesizers and furthers Keystage's goal of blurring the lines between controller and instrument. If you're seeking a totally modern MIDI keyboard controller, there's hardly a better option than the Keystage 49 from Korg.

Keystage 49 Features

  • MIDI keyboard controller
  • 49-note keybed for four octaves of notes
  • ASM PolyTouch keybed with polyphonic aftertouch
  • MIDI 2.0 capabilities including Property Exchange for automatic parameter mapping
  • 8 encoders with OLED displays
  • Arpeggiator and chord modes
  • Integrated USB audio interface with stereo outputs
  • Ableton Live and Korg Gadget integration, plus compatibility with all major DAWs
  • USB and 5-pin MIDI I/O
  • Expansion plate included for supporting a laptop or other items on top of the keyboard
  • Dimensions: 814 × 234 × 82 mm/32.05" × 9.21" × 3.23"
  • Power: USB or optional KA350 AC adapter (not included)
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KORG Keystage Poly Aftertouch Controller - Top Features and Overview
Luciano from KORG introduces Keystage, the ultimate MIDI keyboard for producers and performers. This premium controller boasts a feature-packed design, offering MIDI 2.0 integration, exceptional touch sensitivity with polyphonic aftertouch, and an impressive software bundle. From arpeggiators to versatile chord modes, Keystage is the perfect companion whether you're on stage or in the studio. Plus, you have the choice of two sizes, 49 or 61 keys, all in a sleek and portable design.
Korg Keystage 49 Poly AT MIDI 2.0 Keyboard Controller Reviews