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KorgKAOSS Replay Dynamic Effects & Sampler


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Korg KAOSS Replay

Korg's Kaoss Replay builds on the legacy of their performative effects processors, delivering an all-in-one performance sampler for DJs and producers. Simply load your stems, loops, and one-shot samples into its 8 banks of 16 velocity-sensitive pads, and get creative with extensive DJ mixing tools and 128 powerful new Kaoss effects. The Kaoss Replay's 5-inch, full-color touch screen makes it easy to edit samples, quickly navigate menus, and apply loopable, touch-activated effects automation via the legendary XY Kaoss interface. As your ultimate portable performance rig, the Kaoss Replay is ready to bring your tracks to life on stage or in the studio.

The Kaoss Replay's comprehensive supply of editing tools make it easy to manipulate your musical material and create seamless performances. Sampling and resampling is a breeze, allowing you to bring in external sounds to your project or iterate on ideas made with the device's powerful sound design tools. Sync, quantization, BPM detection, and variable pitch controls ensure your samples will always align rhythmically in your performance, and give you deep options for editing the tone and pitch of your samples. A 12-position hot cue system lets you immediately jump to any point in a sample, perfect for creating instant transitions, improvised looping, and experimental sample manipulation.

Once your project is set up and ready to rock, powerful DJ-style mixing lets you mix and remix material for exciting and fresh performances. Two assignable groups with dedicated faders let you mix elements of your track on the fly, with a flexible headphone monitoring system that allows you to cue and audition new elements before sending them to the main outs for your audience to enjoy. With the immense power and control of the XY pad effects, you can add stunning and performative gestural movement in your music, elevating performances to new heights of expression. Save these special moments forever by recording directly to the SD card with up to 100 minutes of stereo recording time, letting you keep record of your set for later listening or even resampling. From the studio to the stage, the Korg Kaoss Replay is sure to become an integral part of your performance workflow, offering an expressive canvas for music-makers at all parts of the creative process.

KAOSS Replay Features

  • Dynamic sampler and effect processor
  • 16 velocity-sensitive pads for performing samples
  • 128 sample slots across 8 banks
  • 16-voice polyphony
  • 5-inch full-color OLED touch screen for controlling XY Kaoss effects in real-time
  • 128 new Kaoss effects for deep and performative sound design
  • DJ-style mixing controls with dual faders and assignable A/B groups
  • Headphone monitoring system with cue feature to audition sounds before sending out to the mix
  • Time stretch, sync, variable pitch, and more for powerful sample editing and beat-matching
  • Sampling and resampling functionality
  • Up to 12 hot cues for each sample
  • Microphone input with dedicated effects
  • 2 in / 34 out multichannel audio over USB
  • Footswitch input is assignable to tap tempo, resampling, and more
  • Sturdy all-metal enclosure
  • Live recording feature up to 100 minutes for capturing entire performances
  • SD card storage for convenient file management
  • Audio Inputs: 2x RCA line/phono 1x1/4" TS microphone input,1x 3.5mm stereo aux input
  • Audio Outputs: 2x RCA line output, 1x headphones
  • Dimensions: 185 x 284 x 56mm
  • Weight: 2.0kg
  • Power: DC 5V @ 3A (USB-C)
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