KorgArp Odyssey MK3 Duophonic Analog Synthesizer


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Korg Arp Odyssey MK3

Korg’s Arp Odyssey MK3 Duophonic Synthesizer was created in collaboration with David Friend, co-founder of ARP Instruments. The synthesizer’s design boasts a stellar reproduction of the Odyssey’s original circuitry, putting the Arp’s legendary sound at the fingertips of today’s musicians and sound designers. Despite its compact style, the layout of the MK3 is a clever update of the original. 

In comparison to its predecessor, the Arp Odyssey MK3 is lighter, more compact, and features the same classic analog sound. The synthesizer features a 37-note slimkey keyboard, though it is playable via MIDI In. Users can use the synthesizer in duophonic or monophonic settings and have access to various CV, Gate, and Trigger ins/outs for clever interfacing with other modular gear.

Arp Odyssey MK3 Features

  • 37-Note Slimkey keyboard
  • 2 Voice Duophonic, normally monophonic
  • Keyboard transposition - two octaves up and down. 
  • White & Pink noise generators.
  • Two 1V/Oct Voltage Controlled Oscillators w/ Saw, Pulse/Square waveforms.
  • Three types of Voltage Controlled Filters: I: -12dB/Oct, II & III: -24dB/Oct with resonance that can self oscillate. 
  • Voltage Controlled Amplifier: Dynamic range, 80 dB
  • Digital Ring Modulator
  • Sample & Hold CV source 
  • Two Envelope Generators: 1 ADSR type, 1 AR type. 
  • Keyboard CV in/out jacks: 1V/Oct
  • Gate CV in/out: +3V minimum
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  • Power Supply: AC adapter jack (DC 9V)
  • Power Consumption: 6.5W
  • Dimensions: (19.76" x 14.96" x 4.72") 
  • Weight: 11.02 lbs / 5kg
  • Accessories: AC adapter, phone cable, mini-phone cable, owner's manual, dedicated Semi-hard case. 
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