KorgARP Odyssey FS Kit Analog Synthesizer


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NOTE: This is a DIY project and will require assembly.

Due to the nature of DIY projects, no returns allowed on kits that have been attempted to be assembled or with missing components.

Korg ARP Odyssey FS Kit

Korg's bringing back a classic synthesizer with a personalized twist: the ARP Odyssey FS Kit puts an authentic reissue of the original in your hands, and it's made even sweeter by the experience of building it yourself. Identical in sound and function to the 2015 reissue, the ARP Odyssey FS Kit, once assembled, is a duophonic analog synthesizer with 37 full-sized keys, and delivers sounds straight from the 1970s just as the original did back in the day. But through the ease and reliability of modern manufacturing, putting the kit together requires no knowledge of soldering or electronics, and should produce an instrument that will serve as a dependable member of your studio for years to come.

Dressed out in the black and orange panel of the classic Rev 3, the Arp Odyssey FS features a clear signal flow layout on its front panel. Conceived as a streamlined, pre-patched version of the ARP 2600, the Odyssey offers two oscillators, an LFO, sample & hold, lowpass and highpass filters, a VCA, and two envelope generators: one ADSR, and one AR. One noteworthy change from its vintage counterparts is the inclusion of a filter type switch, offering three distinct filter circuits from each revision of the Odyssey. And of course, to make integration with your studio a breeze, the addition of MIDI and USB ports allows for easy connection with computers and outside controllers.

It's hard to beat a classic, but if you want a one-of-a-kind instrument with a personal connection, the ARP Odyssey FS Kit from Korg makes a legendary synth available again.

ARP Odyssey FS Kit Features

  • Reissue of ARP's Odyssey analog keyboard synthesizer
  • Self-assembled, no knowledge of electronics or soldering required!
  • 37-note full size keyboard
  • Odyssey Rev 3 panel layout and aesthetic
  • Two analog VCOs
  • Lowpass filter with three modes: Rev1 12dB/oct, Rev2 24dB/oct, and Rev3
  • Highpass filter
  • Sample & hold, LFO, ADSR envelope, AR envelope
  • USB and DIN MIDI input
  • CV, Gate, and Trigger I/O
  • Dimensions: 585 x 466 x 163 mm / 23.03" x 18.35" x 6.42"
  • Weight: 7.3 kg / 16.09 lbs.
  • Power: 12VDC PSU included
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