Koma ElektronikPoltergeist Quadraphonic Audio / CV Mixer

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Koma Elektronik Poltergeist

The Koma Elektronik Poltergeist is a powerful mixer module optimized for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. The module implements the functionality of several different modules into a single ingenious quadrophonic output module, constructed specifically with performance in mind. 

Even at first glance, the Poltergeist’s front panel interface attests to its straightforward, user-friendly orientation. Each of its primary knobs are large and rotate a full 360 degrees for maximum sonic potential. Additionally, the Poltergeist boasts per-channel mute and solo buttons for on-the-fly routing and manipulation. For an even more intuitive live performance, the module affords CV control over each channel’s panning and VCA levels. For those looking for a dedicated, highly capable Eurorack mixer, look no further. 

Poltergeist Features

  • Signal inputs for each channel, AC coupled for incoming Audio signals
  • Each Audio In has dedicated Gain control knobs
  • A ""Field"" control adds an inverted version of the input to all mixer outputs; bypasses VCA
  • Origin controls how much pan modulation is taken from the Master Origin input
  • Master Origin control modulates the ""entire scene"" 
  • In quad mode, the large pan control knobs have a 360 degree range, in stereo, 180 degrees (Left and Right)
  • Clickless Solo and Mute buttons
  • Inputs for Pan and VCA control with dedicated attenuators
  • Four Master outputs
  • Auxiliary Stereo input for external audio
  • Slope control changes distribute style between outputs
  • Switch between Quad and Stereo mode
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