KnobulaPianophonic 8-Voice Multi-Oscillator Wavetable Synthesizer


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Knobula Pianophonic

Knobula's Pianophonic combines wavetable synthesis with the percussive aspects of sampled sound, creating a hybrid synth engine tailored to the creation of piano-like sounds and much more. With eight voices of polyphony and the option for polyphonic control via MIDI or 1V/Oct and Chord Select inputs, it's an easy way to add rich, dynamic polyphonic textures to any Eurorack system.

Pianophonic derives inspiration from combo wavetable/sampler keyboards from the 1990s. Each voice features three wavetable oscillators and a sample-based playback engine, designed to emulate the characteristics of a three-string piano sound via professionally-sampled wavetables and hammer samples. The included SD card offers 16 banks of sound presets, which you can further morph, reverse, stretch, filter, compress, and otherwise mangle via the front-panel controls and CV inputs. Though it takes piano sounds as its inspiration, you'll quickly find that it can do much more: uncanny acoustic-like tones, outlandish polyphonic wavetable textures, and gnarly digital drones are all equally accessible.

If you're looking for a new approach to polyphony in your Eurorack system and love the uncanny sounds of '90s polyphonic synthesizers, you'll want to give Pianophonic a close look and listen.

Pianophonic Features

  • Multi-voice synthesizer module based on wavetable and sample-based synthesis methods
  • Inspired by sound architecture of 1990s keyboard synthesizers
  • Eight-voice polyphony
  • Voices can be addressed via 3.5mm MIDI input or CV control (via 1V/Oct and Chord Select controls)
  • Each voice features three wavetable oscillators and a sample-based playback engine
  • Includes SD card with 16 banks of professionaly-constructed presets
  • Includes professionally sampled wavetables and hammer samples
  • Front panel controls for deep sound manipulation potential
  • Does everything from classic digital piano tones to peculiar wavetable soundscapes
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Current draw: 100mA @ +12V, 20mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Pianophonic Module Extended Demo
In this demo we morph from Grand Piano to doom drone and back, then into some house style piano chops. Along they way we incorporate pure Piano wavetables and real hammer samples later combined with synthesiser waveforms as a side layer as we demonstrate the "piano not a piano" and "synth like a piano" duality of Pianophonic. Audio is direct out from the module with a bit of compressor/limiter to prevent overloading Youtube.
Knobula Pianophonic 8-Voice Multi-Oscillator Wavetable Synthesizer Reviews