KnasEkdahl Quad Massager Quadraphonic VCA / Mixer / LFO


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Knas Ekdahl Quad Massager

The Knas Ekdahl Quad Massager is a multifunctional desktop module designed for an array of different tasks. The Massager is capable of functioning as a quad VCA, quadrophonic panner, joystick-controlled audio and CV mixer, and quadrature LFO. 

As a mixer, the unit can change between four separate audio sources via joystick. The LFO controls are extremely intuitive and can oscillate across all four sources or a single axis. Additionally, the LFO features two outputs and a single input. 

Quad Massager Features

  • Quad VCA
  • Joystick control with four quadrants
  • Audio mixing and panning
  • Quadrature LFO with x axis and y axis mix knobs
  • CV control of all parameters
  • Four VCA inputs
  • Four VCA outputs
  • Combo output 
  • DC-Coupled Signal IN for audio or CV
  • DC-Coupled Signal OUT for audio or CV
  • Amplitude CV IN (disengages joystick control)
  • Sine OUT (level set with knob)
  • Cosine OUT (level set with knob)
  • Speed CV IN
  • X CV IN
  • Y CV IN
  • Combo OUT (outputs the product of the VCA Signal INs in accordance to it's joystick and X IN / Y IN settings)
  • The Ekdahl Quad Massager comes with a US power supply
  • Shipping dimensions: 16x10x8
  • Shipping weight: 5 lbs

Knas Ekdahl Quad Massager Quadraphonic VCA / Mixer / LFO Reviews