KlavisTwo Bits Dual-Channel Logic


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Klavis Two Bits

Klavis present their Two Bit logic module that brings two channels of logic gates with a total 15 different functions across the module, all in a compact 5hp package. Divided into two sections, you have selectable functions such as AND, OR, XOR, that are present on both channels, however, each one has a few unique functions available. Both sections feature two inputs and two outputs, with one being an inverted version of output 1. The first channel can be chained into channel two virtually without occupying an input.

Channel one has several advanced logic functions, such as rising/falling edges converted to pulses, as well as a -A&B for signals that are reverse polarity. Alternate and S(et)/R(eset) play with the incoming signals by alternating which signal gets passed through on a rising edge, in the case of Alt., or simply setting the output to high when a rising edge is detected, then clearing it after another edge is detected on the second input, in the case of S/R.

Channel two as a few CV manipulation settings that change input 2B to a bipolar CV input. These settings are Random, Comparator, and Div/Mult which have parameters that are manipulated via input 2B. Two additional unique modes are available: Gater, which combines the inputs as an Or function does, but also retriggers the output every time a new gate starts while the output is already active. As well as Vote, which functions a bit like an AND logic function with two inputs, however, because the first channel can be chained, using three inputs means that a majority of the inputs need to be active for a change to occur and this is where things can get spicy.

In a large system with tons of CV generators or in a small system with clever patching, the Two Bit adds a nice bit of chance or carefully manicured, thoughtful voltage entanglement. In either case, this is a fun module that can find its way into any patch.

Two Bits Features

  • Compact 2-channel logic module
  • 15 Selectable functions in each channel
  • Channel 1 can be chained to the second for complex modulation
  • Each channel has a simultaneous inverted output alongside regular out
  • LEDs on all outputs
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 5hp
  • Depth: 21mm
  • Current draw: 31mA @ +12V, 1mA @ -12V
Klavis Two Bits Dual-Channel Logic Reviews