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KlavisGrainity Analog Granular VCF

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Klavis Grainity

A novel merging of synthesis concepts, Klavis presents Grainity: a digitally-controlled analog filter with a totally unique granular structure. Though we tend to think of modern granular synthesis as the digital manipulation of samples, Grainity contains a fully-analog signal path—audio signals are never converted into the digital domain. Instead, Grainity's Granular voltage-controlled filter (VCF) uses a digital system to apply phase and amplitude adjustments to audio signals. These adjustments are either based upon analysis of the input signal, or a separate signal patched into the Detect jack.

With Grainity, you get a standard multimode VCF, offering lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and band reject (notch) responses, plus the totally separate granular VCF. And by mixing these two filters, plus exploring the different grain manipulations available from the Divison and Structure controls, it's easily possible to explore formants, subharmonics, and numerous other sounds that would otherwise be expected from a traditional analog filter. There have been countless synthesizer filters over the years, and a number of takes on granular synthesis recently, but the Klavis Grainity manages to offer a fresh perspective on both.

Grainity Features

  • Unique implementation of a granular VCF
  • Totally analog signal path
  • Tight digital control of granular VCF
  • Separate multimode VCF with the following responses: two-pole lowpass, four-pole lowpass, highpass, bandpass, band-reject (notch)
  • Frequency and Q (resonance) controls for both filters
  • Mix control for blending between both filters
  • Structure and Division controls for manipulating grain size
  • Detect input allows for independent analysis and tracking separatley from input audio signal
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth:
    • Eurorack module
    • Width: 10hp
    • Depth: 21mm
    • Current draw: 101mA @ +12V, 59mA @ -12V
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