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Kilpatrick Audio Redox Desktop Stereo Reverb

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Kilpatrick Audio Redox

Redox from Killpatrick Audio is an expansive algorithmic stereo reverb processor. Redox was designed with electronic musicians and music producers in mind as a flexible, all-in-one reverb solution for both studio work and live performances. Besides the plethora of onboard reverb algorithms that cover a huge territory of classic, vintage, modern sounds, and configurable multitap delay, Redox also offers a completeley separate MOD Effects processor section (flangers, phasers, panners) that can be inserted into a signal chain either pre or post reverb for a variety of creative applications. Altogether this forms an incredibly versatile machine that can be used to design familiar or completely unknown and unexplored sonic dimensions.

Redox Features

  • An abundance of reverb algorithms
  • MOD effects:USB powered
  • MIDI control of all functions
  • Low latency signal processing
  • High quality LCD
  • Dimensions: 7.0" x 6.0" x 2.5"
  • Weight: 2lbs
  • 5V USB powered (power included)
Product Demo Videos
Kilpatrick Audio Redox Reverb On The Phenol Synthesizer
Kilpatrick Audio's Redox is a stereo reverb with tons of algorithms, modulations and tweakable settings to get many different sounds. The Redox also has presets and an LCD screen so you can easily see and adjust the settings. The sounds range from vintage to modern and the routing is adjustable with the modulation effects either before or after the reverb. In this video the sound source is the Phenol, Kilpatrick's analog banana patchable synthesizer.
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