Kilpatrick AudioPhenol Patchable Analog Synthesizer + UTL-1 Converter Box


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Kilpatrick Audio Phenol Patchable Analog Synthesizer + UTL-1 Converter Box

To say that the Kilpatrick Audio Phenol is a different type of electronic instrument would be putting it mildly. Though the unit is inspired by vintage modular synthesizers, it affords the versatility and straightforward workflow of many modern synthesis applications, all in a self-contained enclosure with an intuitive layout that is ideal for both beginners and professionals. 

The Phenol boasts dual analog VCOs, each with triangle, ramp, and pulse waveforms. There are also two analog filters, one low-pass and one high-pass, alongside two analog VCAs with dedicated level controls. In terms of modulation, the Phenol sports two envelope/LFO hybrids that enable a variety of unique modulation capabilities. Additionally, there's an internal MIDI-to-CV converter and a LFO with a sine and random output. 

If all that wasn’t enough, a compact mixer with digital delay effect ensures that all compositions are adequately mixed, glued, and processed in accordance with the user’s personal taste. Even more, there’s a stereo audio input for incorporating external signals into the Phenol’s signal path.The Killpatrick Audio UTL-1 is a passive bi-directional BananaJack 1/8” to standard BananaJack format converter box. In other words, it’s an ideal means of converting BananaJack-equipped synthesizers with Eurorack modular synthesizers and vice versa.

Phenol + UTL-1 Features

  • Banana patch system with colour-coded jacks and voltages compatible with Kilpatrick Format and other modular systems
  • Two analog VCOs - triangle, ramp and pulse outputs
  • Two analog filters (low pass and high pass)
  • Two analog VCAs with level control
  • Two envelope generator / LFO combos with many unique features
  • An LFO with sine and random output
  • Internal MIDI to CV converter with DIN and USB MIDI interfaces
  • Compact mixer with digital delay with over 330ms of delay time
  • Digital pulse divider - divide MIDI clock or LFO output to create 4 musical time divisions
  • Buffered mixer / mult / inverter with level control
  • External audio input allows a stereo input to be patched like an oscillator signal - process your drum machine or other source through the system
  • Approx. dimensions: 15.8"W x 8.8"L x 2.5"H (including feet and knobs)
  • Universal input power supply (100-240V) included (shipped with North American plug)
  • Designed and made in Canada using high quality parts
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