KentonThru-5 MIDI Splitter


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Kenton Thru-5

The Kenton Thru-5 is a handy MIDI splitter unit that translates incoming MIDI data into five identical signals, which are then routed to its five MIDI THRU sockets.

Thru-5 Features

  • 1 MIDI In & 5 MIDI Thrus
  • Includes schmitt trigger logic for signal quality restoration
  • Less than one microsecond latency
  • DC power input jack 2.1mm (centre +ve)
  • Power indicator light 
  • Housed in a metal box so it can withstand the knocks
  • Attractively finished in brushed aluminium with black screen print
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  • Power:  9V at 50mA regulated or unregulated
  • Dimensions:  100mm x 50mm x 35mm
  • Weight:  600g including power supply
  • MIDI:  1 x In, 5 x Thru
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