KentonMIDI USB Host mk3 MIDI Interface

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Kenton MIDI USB Host mk3

The Kenton USB Host MIDI interface offers a convenient means of routing MIDI data between both MIDI and USB platforms without the use of a computer. The unit features a USB host port (A type), as well as 5-pin MIDI in/out connections, making it the perfect companion for connecting your favorite USB MIDI device or controller to a hardware instrument with 5-pin DIN ports.

New for the Mk3 version, Kenton has added in some handy MIDI merge routing functionality. By pressing the recessed push button, one can cycle between routing configurations for data received at the USB and 5-pin inputs, denoted by green, amber, and red LED colors. Green mode is standard behavior—data from one is simply routed to the other. In the Amber mode, data coming into the 5-pin input is not sent to the USB device, but is instead merged with any incoming data from the USB port and sent to the 5-pin MIDI output. Finally, red mode transmits the 5-pin MIDI input data to both the USB device and the 5-pin output.

Kenton also added support for USB hubs, allowing you to connect up to four USB MIDI devices at once, preferably using a powered hub. With proper configuration of your devices, you can even connect two USB devices together with a hub and bridging the 5-pin input and output ports with a MIDI cable. Free yourself from always being tethered to a computer with the MIDI USB Host Mk3 by Kenton.

MIDI USB Host mk3 Features

  • Provides 5-pin MIDI for USB Devices
  • Provides USB connections for 5-pin MIDI Devices
  • Nearly 1A of bus power
  • Use up to 4 USB devices via a powered USB hub
  • 3 MIDI routing options

  • Power:  5V DC (regulated) 90mA, 2.1mm plug (+ center) 
  • Power:  910mA available for attached USB device
  • Dimensions:  110 x 55 x 32mm
  • Weight:  100g
  • MIDI:  1x In, 1x Out - both 5 pin DIN
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